Toughgaff 1''


20,00 €  tax excl. 
20,00 €

ToughGaff clips on to your belt and holds your gaffer tape for you. The minute you need to use the gaffer tape, after a simple action of pulling it out with one hand, it’s free in your hands and ready to use. When you are done using it, just clip it back into the ToughGaff, and your hands are free again to work.

On command


ToughGaff is made from High Quality Materials Which ensures a long lasting, durable product. One hand, quick release & loading Solid and stable on the waist‎ Light weight Available in two sizes (for 1" tape / for 2" tape) Suitable for up to 60 Yard roll High Quality Polyamide Material Stainless Steel Spring Water proof Special slot for attaching working gloves