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A compact clamp with 35mm clamping range similar to the Ali clamp but smaller. One of the most useful tools for a photographer, it can mount to the top of any lighting stand with 5/8” socket or stud to hold props, reflectors and background drop or clip a small light fixture for tabletops shooting. ● Weight: 0.11kg (0.24lbs) ● Color: Black

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● Weight: 0.52kg ● Safe Working Load: 500kg ● Bolt: M10 x 30mm ● Color: Silver

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This mounting adapter allows you to mount lighting fixtures making them more stable by placing the weight closer to the center of the stand.

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This adapter makes it super easy to mount your light fixtures onto flat objects such as walls and consists of a 5/8" (16mm) Stud connected by a large ball joint.  

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The 16mm socket (inside) or 28mm (outside) attached to the ball joint pivots from -45° to 90° while the collar rotates 360° incorporated a 5/8” pin.

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Weight: 1KG (2.2lbs) Working load: 15KG (33lbs) Coupler for tube size dia. 48-50mm    

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35,1cm 12,4 " 13cm 5.12 ” 1,07 kg 2.35lbs 60cm 23,6 " 10kg 22lbs 28mm receliver Poteau 16mm / 19mm

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Offers a second grip heads for more applications. Comes with a rubber pad covered the wheel handle providing most comfortable and better grip. Weight: 0.65KG (1.4lbs) Working load: 20KG (44lbs) Coupler for tube size dia. 48-50mm

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Designed for mounting a boom arm to a heavy duty stand. Constructed by solid aluminium makes titl and swivel adjustment of the boom arm quick  

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It is designed to convert a junior stand into an overhead stand. The V jaws feature 3/8” and 5/8” diameter and able to offer positive lock for a gobo arm, large flag or butterfly in all directions.

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The handy quick-release safety pin is compatible with ARRI WCU-4 control hand unit Constructed from casting aluminum T-handle and stainless steel shank provides a excellent loading capability for your WCU4. The split ring equipped on the T-handle for easy attachment of optional lanyard to position the control unit around your neck or to drape it from a...

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Made by CNC aluminum alloy, this monitor bracket is compatible with the ARRI WCU-4 Wireless Compact Unit. Designed for being easily mounted on top of the WCU-4 hand unit with two bolts (included) and attaches to on-board monitors with any accessory comes with a 1/4”-20 male threaded. Weight: 70g (2.47oz)

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80,00 €
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Made by solid steel with black powder coated, the 390mm long panel offset arm features dual junior receivers which enables the luminaire to be mounted with upright or level position. Especially for Arri Skypanel which can be mount vertical without removing yoke. Maximum Load: 30kg (66lbs)

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Mini Version of KSC-140 which also constructed from solid 3/8” aluminum plate with 6"(L)X5"(W) comes with a ball head and tightening knob allows to quickly lock your camera, mini-DV in place with ease and convenience. Specification     0.9kg 2lbs

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Features one solid ball head and tightening knob allows to quickly lock your camera's position with ease and convenience. The base made of 3/8" thick aluminum cheese plate measures 8" (21cm) x 8"(21cm) and comes with the industrial standard 3/8" holes, spaced every 1". The top mounting plate comes with a 3/8"(10mm) slot (100mm in length) allows to use a...

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