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Retrouvez notre gamme de couteaux multi-fonctions ainsi que leurs accessoires.



Most Leatherman multi-tools are built around a pair of pliers, with up to 21 additional tools stored in...

Is a Swiss company Victorinox, the famous Swiss Army knife manufacturer. The brand has diversified by...

Knipex est un fabricant allemand de pinces et d'accessoires multi-fonctions à usage professionnel,...

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Stainless steel, coyote tan color Retractable jaw within the handles Tools accessible from the outside Lockable tools, pliers and tools are accessible even with gloves. Delivered with a MOLLE® soft nylon case.

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Enter the era of the Skeletool: minimu weight, compact size and endless capabilities.Fast, strong, versatile, lightweight and sharp, the Skeletool will satisfy you.

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Enter the era of the Skeletool: Minimal weight, compact size and endless capabilities.Fast, strong, versatile, ultra-light and sharp.Enjoy your stay.

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The charge ALX is the first multi-tool with a hook cut rope cutting both a seat belt locked as leather, linoleum or stars thick.A crimping tool, ideal for electricians.Handles high-strength aerospace aluminum.Or 32 functionsLength 10.2cm.Weight 235g.

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Safe and Secure: All blades and tools lock automatically. A simple push on the safety catch, and your tool dévrouille whenever you want.Intelligent and methodical: Each tool opens one and independently. The exterior of your load blade open easily and safely.

180,00 €
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