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Que ce soit pour les lampes, les projecteurs, les lampes torches ou encore le mythique kit mandarine,...

Hooks, Fasteners

Un large choix d'accroches et de fixations avec les marques les plus connus ( Kupo, Manfrotto, Doughty,...


Retrouvez notre gamme de roulantes Inovativ, Crab cart et Foldit. Les roulantes que propose la...

Round adapter for clamp. Material: Aluminium.

36,53 €

Rectangular adapter for clamp with 16mm tip. Material: Aluminium.

36,53 €

29,88 €
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Polystyrene plate support. Material: Aluminium.

57,00 €

Frames for Gels. Material: Aluminium.

47,84 €

Frames for Gels. Material: Aluminium.

59,78 €

Frames for Gels. Material: Aluminium.

69,11 €

Frames for Gels. Material: Aluminium.

72,22 €

  high end power led, reflector lens, advanced focus system xith speed focus function, dynamic switch 3 stage switch with pushbutton function, 4 x AAA, 6.6 wh, 133 mm, 192 g, 200 lumens. Battery lifetime 64 hours.

69,90 €

Included: 1 Torch with rechargeable battery 1 x ICR 14500 Lithium Ion, 2.6 wh, 118 mm, 80g, 210 lumens, beam range 190m, battery lifetime 7 hours. Power supply, intelligent clip, usb magnet charger, rechargeable battery, charging holder, lanyard.

67,20 €
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