Clapboard cinema black large model.Size: 280x190mm.Often used to shoot wide shots.Symbol of the film often used in decoration.

30,00 €

Clapboard cinema black small model.Size: 190x145mm.Used in the shooting of cinema during close-ups, much appreciated by fans of cinema in deco.

25,00 €

Size: 165x130mm.Used to celebrate the end of filming, the clap is usually offered to the entire team of the film.

8,00 €

This large model clap white engraved, erasable quickly and let the light shine through.The clap is a tool used during the filming of a movie, to ensure the synchronization of sound and image, recorded on separate stands.It can also be a decorative element.

69,00 €

White Clapboard easily erasable.

59,00 €

Clap cinema white with gray card to adjust the camera when shooting

95,14 €

The clap is specially designed for close-ups.

45,00 €

65,00 €
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