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Dimensions: 70x225x22cm

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An easy handling for your flags. Material: Aluminium. Front Wheel: Filled - Directional - Break. Back Wheel: Filled - Fixed. Dimensions (LxwxH): 110x66x165 cm

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The Fiilex P100 is a 12 watt high-intensity platform that makes the unit one of the highest powered on-camera LED continuous light sources for its size.

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The Fiilex P200 FlexJet is a 60-watt high-intensity, high-density fiber illuminator. The P200 FlexJet is made to handle a wide variety of fiber optic accessories for lighting unique and difficult spaces. Using Fiilex's specially designed LED array, the P200 groups an immense amount of light into a diverse range of Light Guide Accessories.

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The Dome Diffuser Extension is designed to attach to the magnetic mounts on the front of the P360. The Dome Diffuser Extension allows you to enlarge the reach of the dome diffuser when using inside of light modifiers such as softboxes and beauty dishes.

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The Fresnel Lens is designed to attach to the magnetic mounts on the front of the P360. The Fresnel Lens allows you to focus/spot the beam of light to about 29° and intensifies the light by roughly 3x. Diameter 2 inches

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It is packed together with diverse K-GRIP tools in the new custommade K-BAG DoP. A selection of 25 K-Flectors offers the full range of KFLECT-RLS reflective surfaces in sizes S, M and L.

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Key Features Suitable for cleaning sensor of mirrorless camera or small DSLR Enhanced fiber cleaning through patented rotary motion Super-Charged Fiber Technology No canned air - completely travel safe Metal ferrule is attached to the body of the Arctic Butterfly through a non-conductive joint Powered by one (1) AAA battery (not included)

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Material: Aluminium. Front wheels: Pneumatic - Directional. Rear wheels: Pneumatic - Fixed. Dimensions (LxwxH): 105x69x150 cm

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Weight: 1KG (2.2lbs) Working load: 15KG (33lbs) Coupler for tube size dia. 48-50mm    

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