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Constructed by solid steel Ali clamp and sturdy steel ball head for off camera flash light in a variety of situations. The clamp also comes with adjustable aluminum cold shoes which offers not only different size holder of flash lights but also long-lasting operation than plastic one. It's easy and convenient to attach the clamp to the plank or tube from 5~40mm with the strong spring steel equipped inside the clamp. The 16mm stud with 3/8''thread hole and the sockets attached with the clamp can be connected with light stands and unbrella.

● Loading: 2kg (4.4lbs)

● Weight: 0.33kg (0.3lbs)

● Color: Black

Realted items

Offers a second grip heads for more applications. Comes with a rubber pad covered the wheel handle providing most comfortable and better grip. Weight: 0.65KG (1.4lbs) Working load: 20KG (44lbs) Coupler for tube size dia. 48-50mm

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The 16mm socket (inside) or 28mm (outside) attached to the ball joint pivots from -45° to 90° while the collar rotates 360° incorporated a 5/8” pin.

34,22 €

This adapter makes it super easy to mount your light fixtures onto flat objects such as walls and consists of a 5/8" (16mm) Stud connected by a large ball joint.  

32,00 €

A compact clamp with 35mm clamping range similar to the Ali clamp but smaller. One of the most useful tools for a photographer, it can mount to the top of any lighting stand with 5/8” socket or stud to hold props, reflectors and background drop or clip a small light fixture for tabletops shooting. ● Weight: 0.11kg (0.24lbs) ● Color: Black

12,00 €

It is designed to convert a junior stand into an overhead stand. The V jaws feature 3/8” and 5/8” diameter and able to offer positive lock for a gobo arm, large flag or butterfly in all directions.

54,40 €
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Weight: 1KG (2.2lbs) Working load: 15KG (33lbs) Coupler for tube size dia. 48-50mm    

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