UnderCovers, Tie Microphone


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UnderCovers, OverCovers  Rycote’s elegant solution to mounting personal microphones both under and over clothing. They are a universal product, suitable for most modern sub-miniature microphones, and offer a different method of mounting from the traditional micro spring clamp.

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Polystyrene plate support. Material: Aluminium.

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Frames for Gels. Material: Aluminium.

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Frames for Gels. Material: Aluminium.

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Frames for Gels. Material: Aluminium.

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Frames for Gels. Material: Aluminium.

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Offers a second grip heads for more applications. Comes with a rubber pad covered the wheel handle providing most comfortable and better grip. Weight: 0.65KG (1.4lbs) Working load: 20KG (44lbs) Coupler for tube size dia. 48-50mm

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  high end power led, reflector lens, advanced focus system xith speed focus function, dynamic switch 3 stage switch with pushbutton function, 4 x AAA, 6.6 wh, 133 mm, 192 g, 200 lumens. Battery lifetime 64 hours.

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Included: 1 Torch with rechargeable battery 1 x ICR 14500 Lithium Ion, 2.6 wh, 118 mm, 80g, 210 lumens, beam range 190m, battery lifetime 7 hours. Power supply, intelligent clip, usb magnet charger, rechargeable battery, charging holder, lanyard.

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