LITRA Torch lampe à LED pour photo/vidéo


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Support orientable pour attacher l'Eye Lite à un pied ou à un aimant.

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Mini Panneau LED 3200K/5600K livré avec 1 x Câble mini USB pour la charge. 2W, angle 140°, IRC98 en 3200K, batterie intégrée

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The V-Mount battery adaptor can directly be coupled to the dimmer. It can also be installed separately thanks to the Belt Clip.

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The Aladdin Kit Bag includes a 30x30cm (Bi Flex or Flexlite 2) flexible sign and various standard accessories.

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Aladdin grids with a honeycomb structure have revolutionised the lightening control for anyone working in the cinema, photography or video industry. Flexible, portable, very light, attachable to 30x30cm support frames with Velcro and allow a controlled diffusion of the light.

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