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On command



Color: Black


Technical Features

  •          Water-resistant 1000 denier Cordura® exterior
  •          Velcro®
  •          Multi pockets
  •          very comfortable and light
  •          Handmade in Italy
  •          2 Years warranty


The Tool Chest Radio is designed to hold your work accessories during shooting. You can insert your air canister and other useful tools. It is suitable for all sizes since the crossover elastic placed behind allows easy adjustment to your body.

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Perfect for your small tools, pens, phone and more, our utility pouch comes with a three-tiered pocket, hook and loop closure and clips easily to your belt or bag. (tools / phone / stationary not included)

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On command

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On command

ToughGaff clips on to your belt and holds your gaffer tape for you. The minute you need to use the gaffer tape, after a simple action of pulling it out with one hand, it’s free in your hands and ready to use. When you are done using it, just clip it back into the ToughGaff, and your hands are free again to work.

20,00 €
On command

Dimensions: LxWxH > 27cmX7cmX17cm (Large) LxWxH > 16cmX7cmX17cm (Medium) LxWxH > 13cmX7cmX17cm (Small) Colors: Black and Red interior

40,00 €

  Colors: Black and Red   Technical Features          Waterproof 1000 denier Cordura® exterior          Air space tissue          Padding with 1 cm rubber layer          Handmade in Italy          2 Years warranty

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