CINEBAG "Production Bag" MINI

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249,00 €

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  • CINEBAG "Production Bag" MINI


The base camp case for camera assistants

The CB11 Production Bag has  been a staple in the camera department on sets around the world for many years. It was awarded the Broadcast Engineering award at the 2003 NAB.  The 4 removable pouches make it a great solution for camera assistants, grips, gaffers or just about anybody who likes to be organzied on the set.

The CB11 Production is an ultra versatile bag on location and has been a staple in many camera departments around the world. It is a perfect solution for all your camera assistant tools as well as a great gear bag to store your camera accessories like monitors, rods, base plates, follow focus, or mattebox. 

Each CB11 Production Bag comes equipped with 4 removable pouches.  It is a lot fun to the set up your bag for the first time. Lay out all your tools and slowly start filling up the bag. 

Exterior sizes


Length:    22 inches  (55.88 cm)

Width:    13.5 inches  (34.29 cm)

Depth:    9 inches  (22.86 cm)

Weight:   6.7 pounds (2.93 kg)


Interior sizes


Height:  17.5 inches (44.45 cm)

Width:   11 inches  (27.94 cm)

Depth:   8 inches  (20.32 cm)


Size of the pouches (4)


Height:  7.5 inches  (19.05 cm)

Width:    9 inches  (22.86 cm)

Depth:   4.5 inches  (11.43 cm)



Height:  10 inches  (25.4 cm)

Width:   7.5 inches  (19.05 cm)

Depth:   2 inches  (5.08 cm)



Height:   7 inches  (17.78 cm)

Width:    9.5 inches  (24.13 cm)

Depth:   .25 inches  (.635 cm)

Realted items

  Carry your camera, accessories and laptop all in one bag. The CB40 High Roller is the perfect bag to keep most camera rigs completely assembled ready-to-shoot while keeping all you support gear organized.

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The CB25B Revolution Backpack is the standard production tool for TV, broadcasting, and the film industry.  Its ultra versatile, customizable interior allows you to carry cameras, lenses, and accessories in a variety of configurations. The laptop compartment can even hold up to a MacBook Pro 17 inch.

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Technical Specifications: size:         18.5” x 11” x 8”  exterior size:          16” x 8” x 7.5”  interior weight:     1590 g 

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Bucket for the transport of accessories – available in four colours blu, royal blue, black and red. Sara1 is a bucket multi pockets made ​of Cordura ® 1000, weatherproof material, multiple pockets with handles and shoulder strap. The base is of polyamide multilayer material of high strength and tear resistant.

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Dimensions: LxHxW > 46cmX38cmX26cm (Int.) LxHxW >60cmX43cmX34cm (Ext) Volume > 48 Liters External Color: Black Interior Color: Red

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Dimensions: LxHxW > 58cmX38cmX26cm (Int.) LxHxW >72cmX43cmX34cm (Ext) Volume > 55 Liters External Color: Black Interior Color:Red 

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Large LxHxW > 54cmX20cmX32cm (Int.) LxHxW >65cmX28cmX45cm (Ext) Medium LxHxW > 44cmX20cmX32cm (Int.) LxHxW >55cmX28cmX45cm (Ext) Small LxHxW > 34cmX20cmX32cm (Int.) LxHxW >45cmX28cmX45cm (Ext)

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