URSA Soft Circles


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16,00 €

Soft Circles provide Wind Protection and Camouflage for LAV Mics Our 25mm super-soft, stretchy, reuseable discs are a perfect addition to your Kit Box. With colours matching skin tones they can be used under semi-transparent garments. Compatible with URSA Sticky Circles & other stickies available on the market.

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  • Stretchy fabric allows allows the fabric to be wrapped around mounts to provide wind protection.
  • Multipacks contain 5x White, 5x Black, 5x Beige & 30 Stickies.
  • Single Colour Packs contain 15 of one colour & 30 Stickies. 
    • Available colours : Black, White, Beige & Brown.
  • 25mm diameter circles, re-useable & super soft.
  • Low profile lav cover creates less of a lump under costumes.

Realted items

Fur Circles are designed to be used under clothing to reduce wind noise and clothing rustle.Fur Circles are cut using a unique drilling method which only cuts the base and allows allows the fur to be of an equal length around the edge of the circle. Each pack comes with 30 URSA Sticky Circles which are hypoallergenic.

20,00 €

Plush Circles are a brand new 5mm length short fur LAV covers.  Designed to use under costumes to help disguise mics, reduce clothing noise and protect the mic from light wind.  25mm diameter, super soft, re-useable lav mic covers. 

18,00 €