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272,00 €

The REDMOTE allows users to start/stop their camera wirelessly and to navigate through menu settings. Along with wireless control, the REDMOTE is able to operate and charge when attached directly to the camera.

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The DSMC Side Handle is a hand-held, customizable module that will grant you complete control over allEPIC or SCARLET menu functions. The DSMC Side Handle is ideal for hand-held shooting. An ergonomic navigation wheel that provides an easy way to adjust important camera parameters.

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For advanced configurations, the Pro I/O Module attaches to the rear of your camera to provide a central hub for essential I/O connections.

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Similar to the classical Module Adaptor, you will be able to add and secure different modules onto the rear of the +1 Adaptor Module, to continue building your configuration.

640,00 €

The MODULE ADAPTOR allows for bolt-on modules to lock securely to the SCARLET and EPIC, for expanded modular functionality.

150,00 €

The DSMC Tactical Top Plate 2.0 provides a flat, mountable surface for RED and third-party accessories.

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The DSMC Low Light Optimized OLPF provides excellent color and tone reproduction in dim environments, and preserve color quality in mid-tones, darks, and shadows.

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Capture marine life and landscapes as they are intended to be seen with the DSMCH2O OLPF. Engineered specifically for underwater shooters, this OLPF is fine-tuned to produce the best possible colors in aquatic environments, where lighting and water conditions can pose significant challenges.

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REDVOLT batteries provide a lightweight solution for powering your WEAPON, SCARLET-W, RED EPIC or SCARLET cameras.

97,00 €

Compact and lightweight, this charger is designed to be a convenient and easy to transport solution for charging your REDVOLT batteries.

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128GB Redmag memory cards provide a quick and safe save option on a lasting medium.

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The 240GB 1.8”SSD Redmag saving cards provide a a quick and safe save option on a lasting medium. With an excellent write speed, these cards can get more images per second than the camera.

600,00 €

The 256GB Redmag saving cards provide a a quick and safe save option on a lasting medium.

600,00 €
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