Headlight e+lite


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Long-term dependability, even when kept for years in harsh conditions functions in extreme temperatures: -30 °C to +60 °C, always ready for use: can be stored with batteries for up to 10 years and still be operational, waterproof down to -1 m, protective case included, can be used in potentially explosive atmospheres (see specifications for certification level), compact and ultra-lightweight (27 g), there's no excuse not to carry it where ever you go, designed to prevent accidental operation with locking switch. Performance lighting Shines enough light to allow easy movement in the dark: shines up to 19 m, provides up to 4 consecutive nights of lighting (45 hours), easy to use, strobe signaling mode. Practical Can be worn on the head, around the wrist or neck or attached to thin-edged objects with integrated clip, light beam can be aimed where needed: light source swivels 360°, red light beam helps preserve night vision. 10-year guarantee.  

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Compact headlamp, rechargeable and smart, thanks to the REACTIVE LIGHTINING technology which automatically adapts the light intensity to the user’s needs.

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